The Gameroom

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The Games

Shown below from left: Thunder slot, Alien Star (my first ever pinball), Super Qix, Centipede, Battlezone cabaret (ny first ever arcade game), F-14Tomcat, Bally E-2000 Quarter slot machine, and a Super Megatough 4 counter top game

Previously owned games: Silverball Mania Pinball, Space Shuttle Pinball

The Projects

With luck, money and time these will be working machines someday. From left to right: Allied Leisure Take Five cocktail pinball.

Projects not shown: Zaxxon Video, Bally X's & O's Pinball,

The Wall Art

Including a Snow White sign that once graced a storefront in Disneyland and a Dragon's Lair poster autographed by Don Bluth

The Work Area